Steering Committee

PAINS Steering Committee Mtg

PAINS Steering Committee Mtg

PAINS’ Steering Committee is a select group of committed PAINS members whose function is to provide expertise and advice to fulfill our mission to transform how pain is perceived, judged and treated.


  • Committed to the mission and vision of PAINS
  • Established leader in a related field 
  • Knowledge of the issues, the problems and solutions to transform how pain is perceived, judged and treated
  • Willingness to contribute time, expertise and networks of influence to fulfill the mission and goals of PAINS
  • Belief that collaboration and coordination is key to success
  • Capacity to contribute to the diversity and broad base of PAINS.


  • Provide expertise and advice to fulfill mission and goals
  • Promote PAINS and its work
  • Assist to create a strategic plan and monitor progress
  • Provide leadership in work groups, as needed
  • Respond in a timely manner to requests for input
  • Attend calls and meetings regularly.

Process – Members are invited to serve by the staff leadership team.